16 June -21 July 2017

16 June:  launch 8pm
Opening set by yo/pü at 830
Jaymez performance 10pm – midnight

prägnanz: the neural and perceptual organization of any set of stimuli that will form as good a Gestalt, or whole,

as the prevailing conditions will allow.

a fully immersive, 300 degree, audio/visual performance and installation, implementing concepts of Gestalt psychology through the use of decontextualized and resampled audio and video.

drawing conclusions: Ritual and religion, spirituality, conspiracy, faith, fear, mythology, symbols, sacraments, worship, sacrifice. Reconstructing live auditory and visual mindscapes, and bombarding the senses.

electronic music | found footage : decontextualized and resampled. Reconstructions.

Channeling late night warehouse movements.

A Performance: a party: an installation.   A fallible document.